August 2019 Grand Lake trip

The club traveled in a caravan thru Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday.    Stopping at Fall River for a picnic lunch.    Due to construction on Trail Ridge Road the long line of impressive Corvettes literally stopped traffic.    Once the caravan arrived in Grand Lake at group dinner was planned by TORCA President Bruce.    The next day, bright and early, was the car show.    Several TORCA members received awards.   The car show was followed by a quick rain shower and happy hour at the Riveria.    Thanks Kathy and others for hosting.     The club met at a local steak house for a private sit down dinner hosted by TORCA Vice-President Mike.   What at great ending to a fabulous day.    To top off the weekend, Sunday was a fun pontoon boat race (3 boats, white, blue and red – guess who was riding on the red boat?) complete with a sparkling wine toast (thanks Gretchen).    Simply a gorgeous way to spend a leisurely Sunday morning cruising around the lakes surrounded by the mountains.    Thanks Nancy and Roger Bebo for arranging the boat trip.    Definitely a repeat in 2020!

Group Photo at marina

Corvettes on top of Trail Ridge

Corvettes on top of Trail Ridge

Stopping in traffic

Picnic on Trail Ridge

Friday nite dinner…

Cars in the show…


At the marina…Gretchen in charge of sparkling wine and photo ops…

Waiting for the 3 hour tour

no sea worthy legs for this couple


Corvettes at the marina

Perfect end to a fabulous weekend…