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Support the TORCA Family by considering these TORCA Member Businesses.  If you are a member of TORCA and run a business or provide a service that you think members would use, drop your webmaster a line along with a jpeg of your business card or a link to your website.  We’ll let the TORCA family know all about you…

At Control Service Center, we provide top quality maintenance and repair for your heating and air conditioning systems. We want our customers to enjoy a comfortable, economical and healthy environment. We have been providing pleasant and timely service in the Boulder area since 1981 (Family owned and operated).

 – Monitoring your systems remotely so that you and your customers are consistently comfortable!

– CSC specializes in computerized control installations.

– Providing HVAC service and repair with emphasis on temperature control.

– Offering PM (preventive maintenance) programs for commercial buildings.

– CSC is always ready to respond to your needs with our same day, 24 hour emergency service.

– Bringing to you timely and quality service guaranteed.


At Control Service Center, we know the comfort of your interiors relies on a combination of the best equipment and service. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with long-term experience in their field. The products we supply and maintain are industry leaders with proven track records for top performance.


Jody is offering a 10% discount to all TORCA Members