Root Beer Floats go well with Vette’s

IMG_20160824_183314629_HDRI think this is our 4th or 5th year to hold the Monthly A & W night at the Berthoud, Colo. A&W which is owned by Randy Hamann: Randy has been a big supporter of our TORCA club by letting us use his facilities for other activities such as Rally’s and stopping points for our “All Hallows” fall event. Further, during the summer months, on the second Wednesday of each month, he sponsors a “Hot Rods” night.
Usually we can have as many as 15 – 25 Vettes in attendance, and we do not exclude hot rods or motorcycles. So, we invite all to come out on the 4th Wednesday night of the month around 5:30 P.M. and enjoy good friends, good food and great cars!
Of course, everyone is also invited to the “Hot Rods night!  Thanks again for Jim and Pat F. for organizing this.