TORCA on the move during Covid-19

While maintaining social distancing TORCA managed to bring a smile to many surprised friends (and neighbors) during Covid-19 in Colorado.

April 26, Flash Mob #1:    TORCA surprised members Joy and Caroline with a birthday drive-by celebration.    Big surprise for TORCA was a police escort to the birthday celebrations.

In May, TORCA planned two events, to celebrate firefighters, fellow members, graduates and those that have been homebound.

May 9, Flash Mob #2:  TORCA participated in the celebration for a CSU graduate, a drive-by to say hello to member Maureen, and a show of appreciate to a local firestation.   The Flash Mob ended with a drive thru parade at The Bridge and ice cream at Baskin Robbins.     One member was fortunate to get their car photographed and published in the Longmont Times Call.   TORCA members got an upclose look at the new C8 owned by Steve R.

CSU Graduate drive-by

May 23, Flash Mob #3:   TORCA participated in the Skyline High School Seniors parade and more drive by birthday and graduation celebrations.    The Flash Mob ended with treats at Cold Stone ice cream.

Leader of the pack

Gathering for the caravan to Skyline High School

Line up at Skyline High School

Ahhh… Fun to be young at heart!

June 6, Mob for Bob #4:   Thirty (30) TORCA Corvettes showed up to drive by and wave to Bob C. who has been quarantined on the farm since March.   Bob and Cheryl are certainly missed at club events and look forward to seeing Bob out in his new C7 soon.   The Flash Mob ended with a picnic at McIntosh lake with everyone social distancing of course!


Drivers meeting

2019 RM region novice autocross mens and womens – Patrick and Kandise A.

Stay tuned for more Flash Mob events….you never know where TORCA will show up 🙂